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Stunningly beautiful Orangeries and Conservatories designed and constructed by craftsmen, in
Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex

Design & Build
(..or what we do and how we do it!)
Getting Started
The process of getting your orangery or conservatory built usually starts with a telephone conversation in which you tell us what you are seeking to achieve. We will talk in broad terms about design and material options and we will also try to give you some indication of likely cost. At the end of the conversation, if you wish, we will make an appointment for our designer to visit you at home to discuss the project in greater detail. There is no cost for this consultation.
It sounds a bit of a clichÚ but every conservatory and orangery really is unique; designs may be similar in style but each clientĺs requirements and preferences are unique to them.
Detailing is an important aspect of the design; our designer will discuss various options that are both sympathetic to the architecture of your property and satisfy your own practical requirements.
We will also discuss any statutory requirements such as Planning Consent, Building Regulations and any Conservation issues.
After the first visit we will prepare a design sketch based on our discussion; plus a detailed specification and quotation. This initial proposal will usually be delivered personally by the designer.
We recognise that the purchase of a new orangery or conservatory is a considerable investment and it is important to get the detail right. So we fully expect to have several meetings with you, at your home or in our showroom before the final design and specification are settled upon.
Timber, Aluminium or PVC?
The majority of our conservatories and orangeries are constructed from a range of hardwoods sourced from certified renewable resources. If your property already has wood framed windows, hardwood is going to be the material most likely to complement the existing architecture.
When timber isn't an essential pre-requisite we find many clients are leaning towards aluminium. 
Advanced thermal separation technology combined with the appropriate balance of heating and ventilation has done away with condensation running in free flow down aluminium frames. And being available in a rainbow of colours, aluminium certainly lends itself to contemporary, innovative and minimalist design.
More and more new homes, irrespective of price, are being constructed with PVC windows and it seems sensible to offer a high quality orangery product to match existing materials.
Conservatory and Orangery Glazing
( more boiling in summer and freezing in winter!) 
By combining Pilkington ActivÖ the worldĺs first self-cleaning, solar control glass with Pilkington K GlassÖ the ultimate in glazed thermal insulation, we can ensure you have all year round comfort and you will not need to be clambering onto the roof to clean the glass and clear detritus from birds or trees.
Pilkington ActivÖ uses daylight to break down organic dirt, such as bird droppings, which washes away when it rains leaving the glass clean with reduced streaks, giving a clear clean view (during prolonged dry periods you can just spray the roof with a hose to wash away the dirt). Pilkington ActivÖĹBlueĺ or ĹNeutralĺ are solar control additives that help reduce the build up of heat within the conservatory.
Pilkington K GlassÖ is a low emissivity (Low E) glass which forms the inner pane of a double glazed unit and greatly reduces the amount of heat that escapes through your windows.
As effective as high performance glass is, it is important to combine its use with appropriate heating and ventilation.
The all-in-one Package
Many of our clients have requested a package that means we take care of everything, including:
  • Project design
  • Submission of planning and building regulations applications
  • All associated ground and building works
  • Installation of the new orangery or conservatory
  • Creation of new openings in the existing property
  • Plastering and rendering of walls
  • Installation of all electrics including wall sockets and lighting
  • Installation of electric or wet underfloor heating systems or radiators.
  • Supply and installation of tiles or wood laminate flooring (including engineered block).
Peace of Mind 
The major benefits of this all-inclusive package are:
Itĺs a one-stop-call, no need to contact plumbers, electricians or builders to make sure they will be on site, our Project Manager takes care of everything;
All works are covered under one comprehensive warranty. Any problems with any elements of your orangery or conservatory during or after completion of the installation, you just call us. 
You have your own architect or builder?
It may be that your orangery or conservatory project is an element of a larger development for which you have engaged an architect, maybe also a builder; we are happy to work with both.

Project Management
Once you have placed your order the designer will hand over to the surveyor who will undertake a survey of the construction site.
If Planning or Building Regulations applications are required our surveyor will produce the necessary drawings. Once an application is submitted our surveyor will stay in touch with the appointed Planning and Building Control Officers and make any adjustments to the design or specification that may be required.
The Project Manager takes over once Planning Consent is received. The task of the Project Manager is to coordinate the various tradespeople, to ensure the smooth running of the construction process.  He is equally there to keep you informed of the schedule of works, advise you of any changes and minimise disturbance to your household life. He is your link to us; you will have his office number, his mobile number and his email address.

All our works are covered by the DGCOS (Double Glazing and Conservatory Protection Scheme) which provides:
Deposit Protection Insurance to secure your deposit (up to 25% of the contract price)
10 year Insurance backed guarantee on workmanship
Access to FREE mediators, FREE independent inspectors and if necessary, the Ombudsman.
Access to DGCOS Compensation Fund to honour any awards made by the Ombudsman.
The DGCOS is there to protect the interests of the consumer. Members of the Scheme are thoroughly vetted and are subjected to an on-going assessment programme to ensure they continue to meet the exacting standards and customer satisfaction criteria laid down by the Scheme
For further details of the DGCOS you can telephone on 0844 324 9090 (calls are charged at UK local rate only) or you can visit on-line at
Unique 12 month Maintenance Check
12 months after completion of the installation, we will carry out a maintenance check on your new building. We will check all joints, all seals, all door and window handles and hinges. We will oil moving parts where required and we will repair or replace any faulty parts covered by our warranty. There is no additional charge for this service; it is all included in your quotation.
We will be very happy to quote to extend the service for a further period.
Contact Us
If you live in Hampshire, Surrey or West Sussex and have an orangery or conservatory project you would like to discuss with us, either use the Contact Us button on the menu bar above, or telephone us on 01243 933034.
Our consultation is free of charge and we can arrange a site visit, also without charge.
 (..or Things you Might Want to Ask)

Q. Do I need to find a builder?
A. Integral in our Complete Package offering is that we will undertake all building works associated with the construction of your orangery or conservatory.
Unless we are using an existing base, all orangery or conservatory extensions will require some site  clearance, maybe removal of an existing building; all conservatories and orangeries will require foundations, drainage, base, walls, plastering, electrics, plumbing, heating etc, They may also require a knock-through, creating a new aperture to the house or widening an existing opening. These are all what we would term as associated building works.
Depending on circumstances we may also undertake a small element of  landscaping or laying of a patio.
QI have a builder that is already doing other work on the house, can we use him for the building works?
A. Absolutely; we are really happy to work with your own preferred builder.
Having said that, we would prefer to be responsible for the whole of the roof structure, because if there are any problems post construction, even minor ones, they are usually associated with the roof and the last thing you want is two contractors arguing over whose fault/responsibility it is. And most importantly anything we build is covered by our 10 year warranty..
Q. What about heating, electrics, flooring etc?
A. As part of our all inclusive package we can do as much or as little ancillary work as you like (see The Complete Package above).
Our certified electricians can take care of all lighting and power points and install electric underfloor heating if that is your choice.
Our registered plumbers can terminate existing radiators, install new radiators or wet underfloor heating and carry out any plumbing works associated with the construction of the orangery or conservatory.
We have a wide range specialist flooring for conservatories and orangeries,  including ceramic tiles, laminated or engineered timber flooring which we can supply and install as part of the project.
Q. Do I need an architect?
A. Not necessarilyas part of our proposal we will present you with a design sketch for your orangery or conservatory, plus a detailed specification, free of charge. Also if you require some minor building works we may also sketch them in and include them in the specification, also free of charge. Once you have accepted our proposal, our own architects will prepare drawings for Planning and Building Regulations and we will also prepare a set of working drawings for you, all of which will be included in the contract price.
Q. I am having some other work done and have already engaged an architect, can you work with him/her?
A. Definitely; we often find that architects will suggest you ask a specialist to supply you with design drawings for the orangery/conservatory which they can incorporate into their overall scheme. Or we can price an orangery or conservatory that has been entirely designed and specified by an architect.
Q. Do I need Planning Permission or Building Regulations?
A. There are so may variables governing whether or not Planning Consent is required for your Orangery or Conservatory it is best not to make any assumptions. If you are unsure, ask us and we will advise you,. or you should contact your local Planning Office.
As a general rule if your orangery or conservatory is more than 30sq m in size, or is not thermally separated from the main house (i.e. if there is a permanent opening) or is more than 50% solid (brick) construction it will require Building Regulations. As with Planning Consent we will be able to advise you whether or not Building Regulations are required. In any event if you accept our proposal we will obtain all the necessary consents on your behalf ľ something less for you to worry about!

Q. Donĺt conservatories get really hot in the summer and freezing in the winter?
A. Modern glazing technology has consigned to history the notion that conservatories freeze at night and boil in direct sunlight.
By combining Pilkington ActivÖ the worldĺs first self-cleaning, solar control glass with Pilkington K GlassÖ the ultimate in glazed thermal insulation, we can ensure you have all year round comfort and you will not need to be clambering onto the roof to clear detritus from birds or trees. (see Materials)

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