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Stunningly beautiful Orangeries and Conservatories designed and constructed by craftsmen, across 
Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex

This page is specifically addressed to Architects, Developers or Builders who have been commissioned to design or construct an orangery or conservatory for clients.

If you have already prepared a design and specification for your orangery or conservatory 

and you are now looking for quotations for your client, you need merely send us copies of 

scaled drawings along with any specification notes and we will prepare a detailed 

quotation for you. If we require any supplemental information (such as photos of the 

property) we will ask you.

On the other hand if you prefer for us to undertake the design and specification we can 

do that. We can take a brief directly from you, or we can visit the site, meet the client 

and prepare a design proposal and quotation. We will keep you in the discussion loop and 

run any proposal by you before presentation to the client. In most cases there is no 

charge for this service to you or the client.
We can also prepare a digital image of the proposed structure (the quality of the image is 

so good you would think the orangery or conservatory had already been built!).
Supply and Fit
We can work on the basis of 'Supply and fit' of the orangery or conservatory, whereby we 

design and build the superstructure on a base and walls prepared by others. In this case 

we would undertake the entire superstructure including, in the case of an orangery, the 

flat roof. That way the client has the benefit and peace of mind of a 10 year warranty 

which covers the entire orangery structure; any post installation problems such as roof 

leaks, they need only call us.
The Supply and Fit service includes a base plan and structural calculations for the 

orangery or conservatory, plus working drawings for the superstructure (manufacture will 

only commence once working drawings have been signed off).
We can if required, particularly where we are being appointed by a small builder, 

undertake Planning and Building Regulations applications    
All inclusive Design & Build package 
Alternatively, we can provide a complete Design & Build service (for details click on

Design & Build on the menu bar above).
Planning & Listed Building Applications & Building Regulations

Once appointed we will supply you with drawings and specifications, including structural 

calculations necessary for you to complete any required for Planning and Listed Building 

applications and Building Regulations. In the case of a Listed Application, or where 

required we will also provide you with material samples and section drawings of joinery
Free Advice on Design and Price

We strongly recommend, unless you have a high level of expertise and product 

knowledge in specifying orangeries or conservatories, you do not submit Planning or 

Building Regulations applications before at least consulting potential suppliers regarding 

design and budget. The last thing you or your client want is to find out that you have 

obtained consent for a structure that is fundamentally flawed in design or is way beyond 

the client's budget.  
If you would like to talk to us about a specific project, or even have a general chat about 

basic design or cost parameters, or for a brochure, please either click Contact Us on the 

menu bar above or call us on 01243 933034


To talk to us or to arrange a free consultation with one of our designers, telephone 01243 933034  or
 click ĹContact Usĺ on the menu bar above and fill in the enquiry form